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Trigun... - Brain Pain Fanfictions-OW, my head! My eyes!

elvenmoonOct. 30th, 2004 04:29 pm Trigun...

Title: Sacrifice

Author: geranium

Fandom: Trigun

Characters involved: Trigun cast

What It Is About: "This is after episode 26.Everything is going well. Vash is back,Knives isn't genocidal, and Meryl&Vash finally express their love.All was perfect until some bounty hunters show up."

Pairing(s): Vash/Meryl

Warnings: PG

Reasons: It could really use some proof reading, but it's not the worst I've seen

To her credit, she IS willing to take constructive crit :)


After work Meryl went to the well to wait for Milly. Suddenly all the workers started scrambling out of the well followed by a fountain of water. Everybody was shouting and laughing. Meryl thought she saw a silhouette on the horizon. She turned around and saw him.He never looked so beautiful. As he got closer she could see someone slung over his shoulder.par


"Milly..."Meryl stammered. Milly turned around.par


"Mr. Vash!"she screamed. Vash started to wave and yelled,par


"Hey there insurance girls!" Milly ran to him but Meryl couldn't move. She was frozen in place.par


"He's back. He's really back," she thought. Suddenly she remembered how to move her legs and ran after Milly. When they reached Vash, Milly wrapped him up in a bear hug, ignoring the man on his shoulder.par


"I'm happy to see you too, but Milly, I can't breathe." Vash choked.He was starting to turn blue from the lack of oxygen.par


"Oh sorry!(!)" Milly dropped him. Meryl walked up and gave Vash a hug in spite of herself. She saw a wet spot on his shoulder. She reached up and touched it with her hand. When she looked at it, her hand was covered in blood.Vash's blood.par


"Vash, your bleeding. We have to get that taken care of quickly." Meryl said. Concern evident in her voice.par


"I just got wounded in battle. Meryl, Milly, this is my brother Knives." Vash said happily.par


"Milly could you help me get him inside?" he asked.par


"Sure Mr.Vash!" Milly exclaimed.par


"Vash," Meryl said,"We need to get your wounds bandaged. Or else you might bleed to death. Here, let me help you inside."par


"It's okay Meryl. I can walk."Vash said, flashing her one of his smiles.par

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