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Title: The Ending [check it out at www.thepokemontower.com since I… - Brain Pain Fanfictions-OW, my head! My eyes!

elvenmoonNov. 14th, 2004 02:18 am

Title: The Ending [check it out at www.thepokemontower.com since I can't direct link]

Author: Angel Cleffa

Fandom: Pokemon

Characters involved: Ash, Misty

What It Is About: Ash and Misty head to Cerulean city... Misty gets kidnapped by a "Fearow" and Ash has to rescue her.

Pairing(s): Ash/Misty

Warnings: May sting or cause a severe brain implosion

Reasons: TERRIBLE spelling, bad structure, confusing as all get out!


Mean while on Cinnabar Island...
Misty:Let go of me Fearow.Put me down this insteant!
Fearow droped Misty in a hole that was on top of the mountain on Cinnabar Island.
Misty:Wait not this HIGH!AHH!Ovfha.she said with a big slam on the hard ground of in side the mountian.
Misty:Owwwww!!!! That really hurt!
Misty started to recover and standed up to have a look around.
Misty:Where am i?
?????:Your inside the mountain on Cinnabar Island my dear...
Misty turned around then
Misty fainted with a loud smack on the floor.She was out like a light

Ash:Hey what about me?Get back to me sis.
Me:Cram it Ash ill get to ya in a min! Tiss little brothers...
Ash:Tiss Big sisters

Ok back to Ash... Ash:YAAAA! ^_^
Ash:Hurry Lapras, hurry.Huh... hmmm there it is.
*There it is...thats most likely where Misty is.I hope shes alright* Ash thought
Ash:Lapras return!
Ash ran towords the little village by the mountain side when a of a sudden the ground started to shack.
Ash:What the?
A hole came out of know where and Ash fell in it.
Ash couldnt see anything when all of a sudden he saw the ground
THOMP!!!!Ash fell on the ground.It must of hurt if i had to make that nosie.lol.
Ash:Owwww...huh where am i? Oh i must of fell though the hole in the ground.

Me:Tiss ya no dip Surlock!
Ash:Hey Molly Stop. Im gana tell mom you wont stop being mean to me!
Me:Well if you dont want to hear the rest of my fan fic than you can just go to bed with out a bed time storie.
Ash:NO wait! ill be quiet please tell me more!
Me:Sigh... ok

A light came on and Ash could see Misty lying on the ground.
Ash ran towords her some how her body slid back a foot
Ash:What the?
Ash ran towords her again and her body started to slide on the ground going backwards.This time he didnt stop running then he tripped.
Smack. He feel on the floor and then looked up and saw some things feet
Ash:Who the...
Then he stoped

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Date:November 14th, 2004 01:33 pm (UTC)
Well, that was incoherent. I can't tell the weird author's notes (those ARE weird author's notes, right?) from the fanfic.

I just hope the next part isn't "Prepare for trouble!"


Date:May 20th, 2005 05:09 am (UTC)
"Me:Tiss ya no dip Surlock!"