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Merry Non-Dominational Holiday Celebration Day! Here, have a bad fic... - Brain Pain Fanfictions-OW, my head! My eyes!

elvenmoonDec. 25th, 2004 10:13 pm Merry Non-Dominational Holiday Celebration Day! Here, have a bad fic...

In the spirit of Christmas, I give you a Jimmy Neutron Christmas story! It's NOT the worst I've ever seen but it's the best I could do right now :/

Title: A Mistletoe's Touch

Author: PinkPowerRanger07

Fandom: Jimmy Neutron

Characters involved: Libby, Sheen, Cindy, Jimmy

What It Is About: Libby and Cindy experience a romantic Christmas with their respective love interests

Pairing(s): Libby/Sheen, Cindy/Jimmy

Warnings: May sting or cause a severe brain implosion

Reasons: Could use some work, out of character!


As Cindy and Jimmy danced under the gazebo, something changed in the atmosphere between their souls. Something was drawing them together. Jimmy only expected so much from what he was doing but got more. As they danced to the music all chain of focus was lost. The only thing Cindy could think about was Jimmy and the same with Jimmy towards Cindy. All memories towards bickering and arguing faded. But all the emotions and feelings they hid began to surface.

“Jimmy, I love you.” Cindy whispered. She laid her head on his shoulder.

That’s when Jimmy stopped. “What did you say?” He asked holding her face with his hand.

“All this time,” Cindy responded. She gently pushed his hand off. “All this time holding what I really felt towards you inside, has torn my heart to pieces. I mean, with Libby and Sheen going to the same college and I being alone with no one to turn too; my heart just collapsed. Then on Christmas Eve I’m here in Retroville and you call me up to meet you here it’s just all too overwhelming I can’t keep how I feel to myself any longer.”

Jimmy smiled. “Let’s keep dancing.” He whispered.

As they danced, the night seemed to glow with the gazebo. Cindy had received the one thing she wanted for Christmas, alone time with Jimmy. No sounds except the music; no friends around or parents; no people just Jimmy and Cindy. Once the music ended Jimmy and Cindy still danced as if their own music was still playing. It seemed as though nothing could pull them apart.

“Cindy,” Jimmy said while they still danced.

“Yeah,” Cindy responded.

“I got you something.”

Cindy stopped and looked at him. “You did Jimmy? I’m really happy with everything right now. I don’t want to be rude, but your gift really isn’t that necessary.”

“I know, but you mean much more to me, and dancing with you in a gazebo is not enough.” Jimmy reached into his pocket and pulled out a crystal plated box. It sparkled.

“Jimmy no, I can’t take this.”

“Open it.” Jimmy responded.

Cindy took it from his grasp. She studied it carefully. She found a button and pressed it gently. It opened slowly and as it opened gleaming light burst throughout that area.

Cindy gasped at how beautiful it was.

“It’s a star Cindy.” Jimmy said. “I made it myself just for you.”

Cindy looked at him as she closed it back up. “Jimmy it’s the best gift anyone has ever given me in my whole entire life. Thank you, I’ll hold it close to my heart for ever.”

Jimmy smiled. “Oh and Cindy,” he exhaled. “I love you too. I have since the first day I moved here. It’s just that when you’re a boy it’s hard to express just how you feel towards someone. I mean, I absolutely loved every moment being around you when I was younger, and even now I still get that same heart pounding feeling when ever I see your face. It just took some time for me to finally gain the courage. I want us to have a relation ship one that will last till the ends of time; so let’s star now while we still have the chance.”

Cindy smirked. “Ok lover boy, but there’s only one thing that Santa hasn’t given me for Christmas.” She took a step towards him.

“And what’s that?” Jimmy asked pulling her in closer.

“Hmm, I think this might give you a hint.” She looked up. And low and behold a mistletoe hang above them. Jimmy looked into Cindy’s emerald eyes and he seemed to loose himself. He pulled Cindy tighter and there lips touch sending a most energetic vibe down there spines, as if a lightning bolt had struck both of them.

“Nothing but a mistletoe’s touch to complete a wonderful night.” Cindy thought to herself while kissing the boy genius.

Suddenly the Bells of Retroville Park went off signaling that it was 12:00 am. Jimmy pulled away from Cindy and smiled. “Merry Christmas,” he whispered. And with that he kissed her again.

And upon these things it was nothing but a mistletoe’s touch to conclude the perfect Christmas!

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