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Chatroom fic.. - Brain Pain Fanfictions-OW, my head! My eyes!

elvenmoonJan. 3rd, 2005 07:24 pm Chatroom fic..

Yeah, I know, another Jimmy Neutron story. I'm finding so many of these lately, I have to share them!

Title: Chatroom Confessions

Author: Neutex

Fandom: Jimmy Neutron

Characters involved: Libby, Cindy, Jimmy

What It Is About: Libby, Cindy, and Jimmy meet up in a chatroom. "Hilarity" ensues.

Pairing(s): Cindy/Jimmy

Warnings: May sting or cause a severe brain implosion

Reasons: Uses annoying net speak, bad spelling, hurts my brain!


Cindy: ...well...

Jimmy: ...um CIndy, can I ask u something?

Cindy: uh....sure, what is it?

Jimmy: Well, I remember something while I was the incredible hulk before I changed back

Cindy: heh, oh really?...um what exactly do u remember??

Jimmy: Well, I was standing there and I could see Carl, SHeen, and Libby and u were in the front, you were about to say something but u fainted, what were u about to say exactly?

Cindy: .......uh....nothing really important

Jimmy: Well, It looked inportant and sounded important..

Cindy: ...well, I have a question for u Neutron, why did u put a kissing scene in ur movie?

Jimmy: HEY, FYI VORTEX!! Every good movie have a romance scene in it

Cindy: Did I have to be the main charactors love interest?

Jimmy: When I WROTE the play in the first place vortex I didnt know we will be in the play

Cindy: well...don't let it happen again...and BTW, I didn't enjoy it!

Jimmy: Then why were u yelling at me when I stopped to point out the tracks were off

CIndy: Neutron, I told you I was in the moment, I do not like getting interrupted when I am doing a scene

Jimmy: Well, where I was standing someone looked like she wanted a kiss

Cindy: OH!!! from what I remember a certain SOMEONE said that they WANTED to kiss me

Jimmy: HEY! I said that b/c I wanted to make a good movie...

Cindy: hmm-mmm...sure sure

Jimmy: Why would I want to kiss u anyways...big mouth!

Cindy: HEY! I wouldn't want to kiss u, get ur nasty germs!

Jimmy: grr...look vortex, can we at least be civil with each other just for tonight and besides no one will know about this conversation...what do u say???

Cindy: ...(thinking) o.k, but only tonight..

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