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Color THIS! - Brain Pain Fanfictions-OW, my head! My eyes!

elvenmoonJan. 23rd, 2005 12:14 am Color THIS!

Title: Rainbow Brite and the 200 Horses
Author: SmartyJones

Fandom: Rainbow Brite

Characters involved: Regular cast, Aurora (Evil Princesses' sister, at least in this story), Freeze and Chill (original characters that stink of Mary Sue)

What It Is About: "The evil princesses sister wants to distroy Rainbow Brite and Rainbow Land once and for all. She kidnaps all of the HOU (horses of the universe) that have special powers that she wants to distroy Rainbow Land!"

Pairing(s): None

Warnings: May sting or cause a severe brain implosion

Reasons: Lots of spelling errors, not really fun to read




“It is perfect. Finally, I can get revenge on Rainbow Brite for what she did to my sister.”

The Evil Princess’s sister, Aurora looked at the list of horses.

“The top ten magical horses of the universe.” She slammed her fist on the table. “And I’m going to get them to take over the world! If I combine them, I will be able to destroy Rainbow Land!” She started an evil laugh and looked onto the horizon.

Chapter 1: Stormy’s Day

“Yes! Yes! Finally, the first day of winter!” Stormy yelled out.

She ran outside to get Skydancer, who was already awake and up in the clouds that Stormy created yesterday.

“Well, we have the thunder and lightning, all we need is the rain!” Stormy said as she was walking to the storm cloud that was heavily producing lightning.

When Stormy went into the rain cloud, Skydancer stopped and galloped to Stormy.

“We are going to have a nice long winter.” Stormy hugged Skydancer. “Let’s get to work.”

A loud crash of thunder woke Rainbow Brite up. She looked outside.

“Stormy’s already up and running. I didn’t even get to get Starlite and put him in his stall!” Rainbow Brite exclaimed.

She got dressed and went outside to get Starlite and put him in the newest addition to Rainbow Land, the stables. It started to rain and Rainbow Brite got wet.

For the rest of the day, no one went outside because the forecast was rain with no sunshine.

“Will Stormy ever stop?” Tickled Pink asked Patty O’ Green.

“Hopefully she will.” Patty O’ Green replied.

They stared out the window and watched the non-stop thunderstorm.

Stormy rested and watched Skydancer make thunder. He was sweating too.

“I think we have done enough for awhile.” Stormy told Skydancer.

He stopped and trotted over to Stormy who was sitting on the edge of a cloud.

Stormy hopped on Skydancer and he galloped through the clouds.

It was a great day for Stormy and Skydancer, but little did them, Rainbow Brite, and the color kids know what would happen in the next week.

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Date:May 2nd, 2005 07:30 am (UTC)
Talk about a lack of description. x___X

Stormy rested and watched Skydancer make thunder. He was sweating too.

For some reason, this was the funniest line to me.