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Brain Pain Fanfictions-OW, my head! My eyes!

evil_bill_bondsJul. 19th, 2005 11:55 am Wow! My co-worker is dumb dumb dumb!

Title: Space is a cold place

Author: Bacari Ezell

Fandom: Star Trek

Characters Involved: Captain Damar & Captain Siko and a host of "extras"

What's it about: Two pages too long. :)

Warnings: So bad it hurts!

Just a small tasteCollapse )

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elvenmoonJan. 23rd, 2005 12:14 am Color THIS!

Title: Rainbow Brite and the 200 Horses
Author: SmartyJones

Fandom: Rainbow Brite

Characters involved: Regular cast, Aurora (Evil Princesses' sister, at least in this story), Freeze and Chill (original characters that stink of Mary Sue)

What It Is About: "The evil princesses sister wants to distroy Rainbow Brite and Rainbow Land once and for all. She kidnaps all of the HOU (horses of the universe) that have special powers that she wants to distroy Rainbow Land!"

Pairing(s): None

Warnings: May sting or cause a severe brain implosion

Reasons: Lots of spelling errors, not really fun to read



I'll get revenge by cracky!Collapse )

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elvenmoonJan. 3rd, 2005 07:24 pm Chatroom fic..

Yeah, I know, another Jimmy Neutron story. I'm finding so many of these lately, I have to share them!

Title: Chatroom Confessions

Author: Neutex

Fandom: Jimmy Neutron

Characters involved: Libby, Cindy, Jimmy

What It Is About: Libby, Cindy, and Jimmy meet up in a chatroom. "Hilarity" ensues.

Pairing(s): Cindy/Jimmy

Warnings: May sting or cause a severe brain implosion

Reasons: Uses annoying net speak, bad spelling, hurts my brain!


Hey Cindy, about the Incredible Hulk thing...Collapse )

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elvenmoonDec. 25th, 2004 10:13 pm Merry Non-Dominational Holiday Celebration Day! Here, have a bad fic...

In the spirit of Christmas, I give you a Jimmy Neutron Christmas story! It's NOT the worst I've ever seen but it's the best I could do right now :/

Title: A Mistletoe's Touch

Author: PinkPowerRanger07

Fandom: Jimmy Neutron

Characters involved: Libby, Sheen, Cindy, Jimmy

What It Is About: Libby and Cindy experience a romantic Christmas with their respective love interests

Pairing(s): Libby/Sheen, Cindy/Jimmy

Warnings: May sting or cause a severe brain implosion

Reasons: Could use some work, out of character!


And who said Christmas miracles don't exist...Collapse )

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elvenmoonNov. 14th, 2004 02:18 am

Title: The Ending [check it out at www.thepokemontower.com since I can't direct link]

Author: Angel Cleffa

Fandom: Pokemon

Characters involved: Ash, Misty

What It Is About: Ash and Misty head to Cerulean city... Misty gets kidnapped by a "Fearow" and Ash has to rescue her.

Pairing(s): Ash/Misty

Warnings: May sting or cause a severe brain implosion

Reasons: TERRIBLE spelling, bad structure, confusing as all get out!


LYKE OMG ASH!!111!! SABE Meee!!Collapse )

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elvenmoonOct. 30th, 2004 04:29 pm Trigun...

Title: Sacrifice

Author: geranium

Fandom: Trigun

Characters involved: Trigun cast

What It Is About: "This is after episode 26.Everything is going well. Vash is back,Knives isn't genocidal, and Meryl&Vash finally express their love.All was perfect until some bounty hunters show up."

Pairing(s): Vash/Meryl

Warnings: PG

Reasons: It could really use some proof reading, but it's not the worst I've seen

To her credit, she IS willing to take constructive crit :)


Vash returnsCollapse )

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elvenmoonOct. 25th, 2004 12:34 am Do Digimon eat lasagna?

Title: Calling All Housepets!

Author: Cave Cat

Fandom: Garfield, Digimon (a scary combination!)

Characters involved: Garfield, Odie, Nermal, Arlene, Floyd, Max, Digimon cast

What It Is About: Garfield and friends are sucked into the computer after Jon's wry attempt at fixing it. So, they end up in the Digimon World.

Pairing(s): None?

Warnings: G

Reasons: Sentences don't flow right - plus a crossover of this kind is rather evil and wrong, don't you think?


Friendship Over PicnicCollapse )

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elvenmoonOct. 20th, 2004 04:55 pm Wedding SURGE!

Title: PokeWedding [look for it at www.thepokemontower.com under Ash/Misty Love, since I can't provide an exact link]

Author: Aeris1172

Fandom: Pokemon

Characters involved: Ash, Misty, regular cast, Serge (some guy Misty's sister is engaged to), a Mary Sue named Riddel

What It Is About: Misty becomes a bridesmaid in her sister Violet's wedding. At the wedding, catastrophy and "hilarity" takes place when people learn what her nickname is [Flamey]

Pairing(s): Ash/Misty angst, mush

Warnings: Be prepared to have to read really hard to try to figure out what's going on!

Reasons: It hurts. Is the word "Flamey" really that funny?! Plus, everyone is incredibly out of character, for one (Ash can be mean, but he's not CRUEL!)


OMG, FLAMEY, LOL!!!!11!!Collapse )

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elvenmoonOct. 15th, 2004 08:23 pm Spirited Away story...

Title: Path of life an sanity

Author: MakiOhguro,AyumiHamasakiFan *cough*

Fandom: Spirited Away

Characters involved: Chihiro, her daughter and spouse, Haku, another river spirit (nephew of Haku?)

What It Is About: Several years into the future, Chihiro has a daughter and is married, but still longs for Haku and wonders why he never came for her. Apparantly, her daughter is Haku's as well because he loved her and thus she was cursed to have his kid? I'm really confused.

Pairing(s): Chihiro/Haku angst

Warnings: G

Reasons: Bad spelling, bad spacing, bad grammar, CONFUSING! The latest chapter was better, though, and showed improvement.


Read more...Collapse )

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elvenmoonAug. 27th, 2004 01:35 am Kare Kano kills...

Title: Arima's Birthday

Author: Evil Master

Fandom: Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances)

Characters involved: Arima and Yukino, regular cast members

What It Is About: Arima has a birthday party... or something

Pairing(s): Yukino/Arima

Warnings: PG-13

Reasons: Confusing, everyone is out of character, and it makes no sense!


Because it is only ONE chapter and very short, here is a direct link!

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