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Brain Pain Fanfictions-OW, my head! My eyes!

Friends Don't Let Friends Write Trash Like This
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Spot a fanfic that is so miserably bad your brain hurts? Share the pain here!

Unlike other badfic communities, this community is not for general discussion of badfic in general, nor is it for trashing pairings, posting general rants about yaoi/yuri or anti yaoi/yuri, or anything else like that.

In the tradition of the wonderful marysues comm, this is simply a place to report and spork badfics.

For the purposes of this community, a "badfic" is a fanfiction that is poorly written, stupidly written, massively out of character, or so squicky that it is a definite candidate for proving its writer psychiatrically disturbed.

While Mary Sues and You!Sue fics are definite badfic, please post them over at marysues or any of the other series-specific communities.

Also, please do not report Grey Archive fics here. While badfics of any rating and any content can be posted for the sporking and flaming, I would prefer that we not be massively deluged with porn. twitchfic is a better community for those, as is this website: http://godawful.net/forums/

When making your reports, please specify:

Name of fic, and location where it may be found:

Author's name:


Characters involved, and any pairing(s):

Warnings: (i.e. shota/lolita, rape, fetish, suicide or ED triggering material, or anything else that would make said story not worksafe or that would/should disturb the average reader)

Why is the fic so bad?: (i.e. why are you posting it here? Is it massive netspeak? Spelling so bad a monkey could have done better? Characters massively OOC? A lemon that is so bad it makes you want to wash your eyes with bleach? All of the above?)

Post a short segment of the story: (lj-cut this, and warn if it's a lemon or triggering content. Do not post entire stories as this is against lj TOS and will lead to the editing of your post.)